Brand Impact: Daisy*Shoppe

I discovered a charming little shop this weekend,
and it perfectly illustrates the concept of 'surround your customers with your brand':
Meet Daisy Shoppe!
 From the store logo on bags, signage, and even tee shirts
to the color palette threaded like ribbon through the store space,
this place is one of the best at telling their own story:
They are happy, and fun, and sweet, and pretty, and sparkly, and PINK.
(and black and white and gray and ivory and a few other pastels)
...and they can help YOU be happy, fun, sweet, pretty, sparkly, and pink, too!

The entry display is currently themed for Valentine's Day,
featuring large and small products from tableware to underwear
that would be a perfect gift for a girl you love... 
all in one very visible spot to make shopping easy.
 the centerpiece of the display is a vintage plastic typewriter painted soft pink,
with a graphic image that - once again - tells the story.

 Merchandise displays are clean, crisp, layered, inviting, and colorful:
They cross-merchandise product according to color and theme,
racks are filled in groups of color which all makes shopping for your faves easy.

The overall effect of this space is pleasing to the eye and the spirit...
the store was busy and yet everyone was calm, enjoying the environment, 
browsing, and filling their arms with items to purchase.
The cashwrap is simply a fab piece of furniture cabinetry, 
painted hot pink so as to be impossible to miss no matter where you are in the store.
Behind it, a gallery wall of art and quotes shares the philosophy and style
of a store that is unabashedly feminine.
Merchandise is tucked into side shelves and on the counter,
making impulse buys nearly impossible to resist.

The window displays are what initially caught my eye...
Simple paper hearts hang from lace ribbons. Mannequins in pink, white, and red apparel.
Nothing gimmicky, nothing expensive - but they caught my attention and made me go in!

I applaud the owner & staff of these three stores 
for the excellence in presentation they have achieved!
These are all very simple 'do-able' ideas that any store can use to improve their visual impact.
It doesn't matter what you sell or what your brand is, or what color palette you use...
just know what story you want to tell your customers  
and tell it well through every choice you make.

Though the staff was very kind in letting me take a few pics,
I was trying not to annoy them by snapping a ton of photos.
There are a few resources online so that you can see MORE
of what I find to be perfect branding, visual impact, and retail store appeal.

Visit Daisy*Shoppe online
and hear a little about their history and philosophy.
View more photos of displays inside Daisy*Shoppe stores:
parenting OC magazine
(scroll down to see the 2015 retail awards 'best boutique for mom' winner)
cute & yummy blog
images on google

...and after you look at all that, ask yourself
'How can I make MY store look that pulled together?'
If you can't answer that, send me an email. I can help you!

On Display: Take Me Away!

vintage rustic style in retail displays
I traveled to Texas twice last summer, and was pleasantly surprised to find
some EXCELLENT examples of retail display technique in the AIRPORT!
yes, you read that right...
next to the endless Starbucks line and the bar and the news stand,
there was an airport shop that absolutely nailed using a regional focus as a theme...
regional style in retail displays gift shop
Aptly named, amAZing (see what they did there?)
offers up the standard tourist-driven souvenir airport merchandise
in a fresh, fun, engaging and visually exciting new way...

Click 'Read More' for loads of pictures and details on WHY this works!

On Display: Regional Style

 My current article in the Winter Issue of Gift Shop Magazine
is titled 'Let California Inspire Your Retail Displays'
and focuses on how to bring a regional influence into your store...
even if you're not in California.

That photo above is an example of this principle in action.
Taking elements of the outdoors found in National Parks,
this shop has created a display that immediately translates that theme.

The large canoe hanging overhead is your first clue :)
and then you take in the rustic woodsy-ness of the ceiling and shelving.
The green tone of the legs on the nested tables plays into the forest, as well.
Stepping closer, you can see the elements that bring more regional flavor:
a small faux pine tree, packaged seedling sequoia trees for sale
(those are the tan cylinders in the rear left-side cabinet),
keychains with national park logos (in the front left-side cabinet)
and small blue cans that hold poppy seeds... the California State flower.
Apparel products include a fun felt 'ranger hat' and tee shirts (both short and long sleeved)
and sweatshirts - all with Smokey the Bear and California logos.

This is enough to flesh out the theme... but there's more to this display.
Click 'Read More' to find out what it is and WHY it works!

Valentine's Day Color Story

Here's a simple way to get a 'Valentine's Day' vibe in a retail store display
without actually having any holiday-specific product IN it...
build a color story, 
then punctuate it with a few cheap heart props!

Click 'Read More' for the step-by-step tips on building a color story...

Vintage Booth Design Tips

So many of you who read my blog are vintage/antique vendors,
selling your goods in mall booths and at shows...
I spent six years selling on the vintage show circuit and I know the challenges you face!
My goal is to provide information and inspiration to help you
present your merchandise in the most creative and effective way possible...

In case you haven't seen it over there on my sidebar >>>
I have a post about the mechanics of setting up a show booth called
The 411 of Vintage Booth Display
that shows you step-by-step how I designed and styled a booth
for my friend and client Rita Reade of Mammabellarte
at her show The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks in Rainbow, CA.
(a photo of her booth is shown above)
You'll find TONS of helpful tips in that post that you can use!

Click 'Read More' for more resources... 

Published: Gift Shop Magazine

I am honored to have an article in the Winter 2016 issue of Gift Shop Magazine, 
a resource for retailers that is published four times per year.
Every issue is packed full of ideas, inspiration, information and solutions
that help retailers of gift products build successful businesses.

My 5-page article beginning on Page 162
is filled with suggestions, images, and tips
for how to evoke the feel of California, the Golden State,
in your own store's displays.
You'll find a focus on capturing the beauty of the regional differences 
of this vast stretch of land along the Pacific,
along with a glimpse at how to build displays with Hollywood glamour and Disney Magic!
( c'mon, this is ME.... there's gonna' be Disney Magic somewhere in there! )
Bringing the environment surrounding your store inside
 is an effective display practice no matter where you are located,
but is especially successful if you are in a tourist destination.
You'll find this article helpful even if you aren't located in California...
From sea to shining sea, the same principles apply!

No matter what the landscape is like outside your doors,
you'll find inspiration in my article that will help you 
take your customers on an adventure when they walk inside your store!

Click 'Read More' to continue...